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The Webmaster at Qframe has had over 8 years experience in Web Development. As two Months = one Internet year, that means 48 years experience. Most of the others at Qframe have have had extensive Television and Media experience, and are familiar with communicating using a screen. All Pages are hand Coded and Search Engine friendly. Costs are extremely low in relation to quality, producing effective WWW Pages.

Qframe can also supply Shopping Carts, simple to advance, connected to a Secure Server with safe 128bit Encryption, combined with Promotion and Marketing advice in the effective set up of E-Commerce portals .

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Web Site Hosting
For a moderate fee our Clients are welcome to share the extensive facilities available on the Qframe US Server, such as Server Speed and full Traffic Management, to Site Search Engine and Detailed Statistics. Either a Directory can be allocated, or the Client's own address such as. http://client.qframe.com or a Domain ...http://www.client.com and all the Server benefits still apply. Better to join with others, both for cost, effective management and so as not to be left in a dark corner in the vast Internet World.

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